About Us

Jinxinsheng (Beijing) Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional water treatment design and engineering center, and manufacturer and supplier of waste sorting machines and plent of experience in the design and implementation of material recovery facilities.

Core business: Involving engineering for treatment of circulating water, recycled water, purified water and waste water, integrated solid waste management solution, etc.

All round engineering services: Including design, construction, equipment supply, operation training and subsequent maintenance.

Building quality engineering: Our continuous pursuit is to build high-quality water treatment engineering and research frontier water treatment technology. We have provided multiple high quality projects for municipal, real estate, manufacture and other relevant industries at home and abroad.

Engineering management idea: We hold the idea that the long-lasting engineering shall focus on each detail in design and construction, so we view engineering management pattern and design concept as a part of the asset of JINXINSHENG center and will improve them continually. Generally we have considered the service life of the engineering, including its commercial value, at design stage.

Enterprise value:  Maintaining public responsibility, providing professional services for customers and converting our service into the superior asset of customers.

Environmental protection concept: We know the severity of exhaustion of clean water resources and environmental pollution, so we adhere to the concept of energy-saving and environment protection in design scheme, so as to make profit for the society, customers and individuals.

Enterprise vision: In the future, we will not forget our initial determination and will still and only focus on water treatment field, at the same time, we will be enterprising and creative, so as to become excellent.