Horizontal Garbage Compression

This kind of horizontal garbage compressor is used to collect scattered life garbage and to compress the garbage into shape, so that the garbage can be shipped by environmental waste vehicles very easily. With easy installation, using less land and very safe, it is widely used in housing estate,hospital,school,Government office and so on.




  • Small space & simple foundation needed; Suitable for different kinds of garbage; Hydraulic drive, working stable, easy and safe operation.
  • Uniquely designed full automatic four points locking method is used for hinge point linking compressor and trash bin.
  • Hydraulic locking method is adopted for trash bin’s rear door, preventing sewage and trash from leaking out, thus reduces secondary pollution.
  • All the steel structure has been treated with reliable anti- corrosion and surface spraying, so as to resist trash corrosion against equipment, prolongs equipment service life.
  • Pressure switch controls operation system, all actions transform and interlock automatically according to the set order.
  • Optimized hydraulic system design;
  • Hydraulic pump uses anti-wear low noise vane pump, features low noise.


Process Flow


Technical Parameters (For Reference)

Model LYSY-0500 LYSY-0501
GW 9.5 t 14 t
Compress Container Volume 0.9 m3 0.9 m3
Weight of Garbage piece 5 t 5 t
System working pressure 25 Mpa 25 Mpa
Working pressure of hydraulic system 16 Mpa 16 Mpa
Power 22 kw 22 kw
Dimension (L×W×H)mm 10000×6355×4200 10000×9500×4200