Focus Areas

Municipal water supply
  • Municipal water supply plant construction
  • Drinking of up-to-standard groundwater
  • Drinking of up-to-standard surface water
  • Direct drinking water treatment
Municipal sewage
  • Up-to-standard discharge of domestic sewage
  • Up-to-standard discharge of medical sewage
  • Recycle reclaimed water in residential district
  • Up-to-standard discharge of rural sewage
Industrial waste water
  • Up-to-standard discharge of industrial waste water
  • Industrial waste water recycling
  • Industrial circulating water treatment
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of industrial waste water
River/lake reservoir
  • Eutrophication treatmentt
  • Black and odorous water body treatment
  • Sewage shock treatment
  • Landscape water body treatment
Sludge treatment
  • Sludge drying reduction
  • Sludge utilization