Watercourse Sewage Outlet Treatment Engineering in Nancai Town

The treatment scale of the Project is 2,000m3 of drainage per day. The treatment station, operating in 24h, is buried, with sludge dewatering room, ultrafiltration equipment room and guard room, etc. constructed on the ground. All access holes are 200mm out of the ground. Both water level in water tank and equipment operation state are indicated on the control cabinet in equipment room.

The Project, located in the sewage outlet in Hebei Town, Liuyan Hangou, Nancai Town, Shunyi District, Beijing, is under the general contracting of Beijing Xindayu Water Resources Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

The Project adopts the treatment process of “hydrolization + A/O + UF ultrafiltration”. The outflow water meets B standard in “Integrated Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants” (DB11/307-2013).

The Project is equipment EPC contracting project, with the total construction period (supply, construction and commissioning) of 120 calendar days.